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Tackling Smelly Feet: Understanding the Link Between Odour and Fungal Infections

When it comes to smelly feet, many might chalk it up to poor hygiene or long days in stifling footwear. However, persistent foot odour often signals underlying issues like fungal nails or athlete's foot, conditions frequently overlooked or misidentified. This blog explores how these ailments contribute to foot odour and the effective treatments available at FeetFlow Clinic.

The Root Causes of Foot Odour: Foot odour, medically termed bromodosis, is typically caused by the interaction of sweat and bacteria on the skin's surface. While sweat is odourless, the bacteria feeding it produce an unpleasant smell. However, if the odour is persistent and accompanies symptoms like itching, burning, or skin changes, a fungal infection could be the culprit.

  1. Athlete’s Foot (Tinea Pedis): This common fungal infection affects the skin between the toes and the soles of the feet. It thrives in warm, moist environments like sweaty shoes and can make the feet smell worse by increasing the bacteria-friendly environment.

  2. Fungal Nails: Fungal nail infections lead to discoloured, thickened, and often smelly nails. These infections can spread from an athlete’s foot or other fungal sources, contributing to foot odour.

Effective Solutions at FeetFlow Clinic: At FeetFlow Clinic, we understand the embarrassment and discomfort that foot odour can cause, primarily when it stems from fungal infections. Our approach involves:

  • Diagnosis: Identifying the specific type of fungal infection through physical examination and, if necessary, laboratory tests.

  • Treatment: Utilising topical antifungals, prescribed oral medications, or advanced treatments like laser therapy, depending on the severity and nature of the infection.

  • Prevention Advice: Educate on proper foot hygiene, wear breathable footwear, and regularly change socks to prevent reoccurrence.

Conclusion: If your partner or family member is dealing with persistent foot odour, it's crucial to consider a fungal infection as a potential cause. Encouraging them to seek professional help alleviates the symptoms and addresses the underlying health issue.

Don't let foot odour disrupt your life or that of your loved ones. Contact FeetFlow Clinic at +447544922327 or visit our website at to book a consultation. Let's restore comfort and confidence with effective, discreet treatment options.

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