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FeetFlow Clinic Services Overview



At FeetFlow Clinic, we specialise in relieving the discomfort of corns and calluses. Our Foot Health Practitioners (FHPs) offer a tailored approach, starting with a comprehensive assessment to understand the specifics of your condition. We provide gentle removal techniques and personalised advice on pressure relief, including padding, custom orthotics, and footwear consultations, 




At FeetFlow Clinic, our Verruca Treatment Services begin with an initial assessment, during which our expert Foot Health Practitioners (FHPs) diagnose verrucas and develop personalised treatment plans. The process starts with careful scalpel preparation of the affected area. We utilise various methods to ensure successful treatment, tailoring our approach to each individual's needs to achieve the best possible outcomes. This comprehensive service is designed to tackle verruca issues, effectively providing thorough and considerate care.



At FeetFlow Body and Foot Clinic, we provide a dedicated Fungal Nail Treatment service, employing natural and effective methods to tackle fungal infections and restore your nails' natural balance. We recognise that treating fungal nail infections can be a protracted process, often taking 6 to 12 months to resolve fully. Our approach combines medical and natural treatments to safely and effectively combat fungal issues, ensuring comprehensive care for your nails.



At FeetFlow Clinic, we offer a nail bracing system as a non-surgical, pain-free solution for ingrown toenails or involuted nails. This innovative service involves applying a small brace to the nail, gently correcting its curvature to prevent it from digging into the skin. Suitable for a broad range of patients, including those unable to undergo surgery, this method alleviates pain and promotes the natural and healthy growth of the nail. The nail bracing system is a practical, conservative treatment that improves comfort and prevents recurrence, enhancing our clients' overall quality of life.




At FeetFlow Clinic, we offer effective treatment options for Athlete's Foot, a common but troubling fungal infection of the feet. Our approach focuses on topical, safe, and natural solutions to manage and eliminate this condition. Our treatment regimen is designed to combat the fungus directly, providing relief and preventing recurrence, ensuring our clients can return to their daily activities comfortably and confidently.




At FeetFlow Clinic, we offer specialised treatment for cracked heels, also known as heel fissures, which can lead to significant discomfort and pain beyond simply being a cosmetic issue. Our approach focuses on healing the skin and restoring its natural moisture and elasticity. We employ a combination of therapeutic measures designed to rehydrate the skin, treat the cracks, and prevent further damage, ensuring our clients can experience relief and regain the healthy condition of their heels.




At FeetFlow Clinic, our standard Medi Pedi, conducted by trained Foot Health Practitioners (FHPs), ensures that all treatments, including exfoliation, hydration, and targeted care for calluses and corns, are performed with sterile instruments. Along with educating clients on foot health maintenance, the luxury version enhances the experience by including a soothing lower leg and foot massage. Choose our luxury Medi Pedi for a comprehensive, pampering, and hygienic approach to foot care.




At FeetFlow Body and Foot Clinic, we specialise in treating ingrown toenails, a common but frequently painful condition where the nail grows into the skin. Our approach focuses on providing practical and gentle treatments to relieve pain, treat any infection, and prevent recurrence. We employ a variety of techniques tailored to the severity of the condition, ensuring each treatment plan is designed to address the specific needs of our clients. Our goal is to quickly restore comfort and maintain long-term foot health by preventing future issues.




At FeetFlow Body and Foot Clinic, we offer nail reconstruction, a specialised service designed to restore the appearance and function of damaged or diseased toenails. This procedure is particularly beneficial for individuals with fungal nails damaged by injury or those suffering from conditions like nail dystrophy. Our approach involves using safe, cosmetic solutions that enhance the appearance of the toenails and contribute to overall foot health. The service is tailored to meet each client's specific needs, ensuring a personalised and effective restoration that helps them regain confidence in the look and feel of their feet.




At FeetFlow Body and Foot Clinic, skilled Foot Health Practitioners (FHPs) deliver our nail trimming service using specialised tools for safe and accurate trimming, preventing issues like ingrown toenails. We offer extra gentle care for clients with sensitive conditions, such as diabetes, and maintain strict hygiene with sterilised equipment to minimise infection risks. Our service includes personalised advice on keeping healthy nails. Catering to everyone, FeetFlow Clinic provides a health-focused, efficient nail trimming experience that prioritises your foot health. Book your appointment today for expert care and healthier feet.




At FeetFlow Body and Foot Clinic, we offer Lymphatic Drainage Massage (LDM), which uses gentle, rhythmic strokes to enhance lymph flow, reduce fluid retention, and promote detoxification. Our treatments are customised for each individual, catering to general health enhancement and post-operative recovery. Our expert therapists are trained to help reduce swelling and speed healing, ensuring a quicker post-surgery recovery. LDM boosts the immune system, improves circulation, and provides a safe, non-invasive option. At FeetFlow,  we offer a serene environment to support your journey to better health and recovery.



At FeetFlow Body and Foot Clinic, our Deep Tissue Massage targets deep muscle layers and connective tissues with slow, deliberate strokes and pressure, relieving tension and aiding muscle recovery. Each session is customised to address issues like back pain and stiff necks, improving circulation and reducing stress. Our therapy alleviates chronic muscle pain, enhances flexibility, and supports injury recovery, promoting overall physical and mental well-being. With expert therapists trained in deep tissue techniques, we offer a therapeutic experience tailored to your needs. Contact us to book a transformative massage session.


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