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Before visiting FeetFlow Clinic, I struggled with shoulder stiffness that made everyday tasks challenging. Since starting regular appointments with Eva, I've experienced a remarkable improvement. Now, I can move my arms up without any discomfort. It's truly been a life-changing experience, and I can't thank Eva enough for her expertise and care

Steve A. - Businessman: 


As a retired plumber, years of physical work took a toll on my body. I've been seeing a chiropractor regularly, but adding Eva's deep tissue massages at FeetFlow Clinic to my routine has made a significant difference. Her skillful approach complements my chiropractic therapy perfectly, helping me maintain better mobility and comfort.

Don A. - Retired Plumber:


Creating jewelry is a passion of mine, but it often leaves me with neck and shoulder pain. As a regular client at FeetFlow Clinic, I can confidently say that Eva has magic hands! Her treatments have not only alleviated my pain but also enhanced my overall well-being. I'm truly grateful for her exceptional care.

Client Testimonial from John at CCP Modular

"I initially met Eva from FeetFlow Clinic when she ordered a portable cabin from us at CCP Modular. I was so impressed by her dedication and professionalism that I decided to use her foot care services myself. I'm thrilled to say that the care and attention to detail she demonstrated in our business transaction extended into her clinic services as well. I've been so pleased with the results that I've recommended her to all my friends and family!"

An excellent service, each appointment dealt with professionally.
Managed to get me back running with less pain and recovery time lessened which I believe was down to the therapy. I will definitely be back after each of this summer’s races. Thanks for your services.
Mr O. Bailey

I am delighted to share my positive experience with Foot Health Practitioners Ewa at Feetflow. From my very first visit, I was impressed by her professionalism and the warm atmosphere she creates for her patients. Ewa demonstrates extensive knowledge and experience, which instills a sense of safety and confidence that my feet are in the best hands.

Ewa approaches each patient individually, conducting thorough examinations and clearly explaining the diagnosis and treatment plan. This personalized care made every visit both comfortable and informative. Her modern approach to podiatry and the high standards of hygiene in the clinic further confirm that Feetflow is a place where every detail is taken care of.

I wholeheartedly recommend Ewa’s services to anyone seeking reliable and professional foot and body care.

Maria D.

Feet Pain Bridgend Clinic

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