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Special solution with Propolis (softener)


Special solution with 10% propolis 30ml


For intensive skincare

Dermatologically tested

Goal of treatment: The versatile special solution is ideal for softening corns and calluses.

Provides lasting care for the skin between the toes and for nail folds.

The solution is also made for soaking tamponades and bandages.

Free of preservatives and colouring agents.


Use: Selectively apply to affected areas of the skin. Avoid contact with eyes. Only for external use. It may cause allergic reactions.


Ingredients: (excerpt) alcohol, propolis

PEDIBAEHR Special solution with Propolis (softener)

SKU: 217537123517253
  • PEDIBAEHR - Special solution with 10% propolis - 30 ml

    Brand: Pedibaehr


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    Brand Pedibaehr
    Item form Lösung
    Sıvı Hacmi 30 Millilitres
    Specialty Dermatological
    Unit count 30.0 milliliter

    About this item

    • Contents: 30 ml
    • For softening corns, cracks and calluses
    • Suitable for the care of thickened nails
    • Cracked and stressed skin becomes soft and supple
    • Dermatologically tested.
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