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Antifungal Treatment PODOLOGY Foot SALT is designed to cleanse the skin of the feet and nails. The salt formula is based on years of experience of podiatrists worldwide. It contains Tea Tree oil, which has antifungal properties.

Innovative formulation dedicated to the fight against changes in the skin of the feet and nails.

One of the specialist's tasks is to recommend the appropriate care preparations, solving the problem with which the patient turns.

The answer to your needs is the creation of a preparation that supports the fight against bacteria, viruses and fungi.


- Cleanses, softens and exfoliates

- Nurtures

- Soothes irritations

- Eliminates itching sensation

- Neutralizes unpleasant odours

- Aromatizes the water

Arkada - antifungal treatment podiatry foot salt 500 g

SKU: 366615376135191

    SALT - cleanses, softens and exfoliates the epidermis.

    MAGNESIUM SULPHATE - acts as an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-seborrheic, antiperspirant.

    LTRIN OIL - destroys ( neutralizes) microorganisms on the skin and nails. Disinfects and refreshes.

    MINT OIL - helps regenerate skin damage, has a pleasant fragrance, gives a feeling of freshness.

    OREGANO OIL - destroys ( neutralizes) candida albicans spores, which are the cause of recurrent fungal infections of the skin of the feet and nails. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, and also supports the treatment of psoriasis and eczema.

    TEA TREE OIL (HERBACIAN TREE OIL) - has anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects. It penetrates the skin very easily. Thanks to its proven antifungal properties, it is used in the treatment of deep nail fungus and all other skin fungal infections.

    In developing the formula, the developers' goal was to combine a cosmetic and disinfectant for socks and shoes.

    In the first phase of the project, two separate formulations were to be created. The result of intensive work is a universal preparation that combines both properties.


    Add 2-3 measures of salt to warm water. Mix thoroughly, forming an active cleansing foam.

    Foot soak should last 5-8 minutes. Rinsing is not necessary. Dry the feet and apply the recommended skin care products.

    Soaking of socks and shoes should be preceded by a standard wash.

    Soak for 5-8 and then rinse in clean water and dry.

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