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16th September 2021 
Typical Session. Feel Less Stressed 2016

A typical reflexology session would last about an hour, depending on whether you have any particular health issues that need addressing.

On the first session, I would take some basic details about your current state of health and whether you have any particular disorders you would like addressed, for instance stress, tension, pain, swelling caused by lymphoedema, depression. These details would be updated at subsequent sessions according to how your well-being has changed. Any information given is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

I will ensure you are warm and comfortable on my couch and will start the session with some relaxation exercises, followed by the standard whole-body reflexology treatment. If I find any imbalances in the course of the treatment (or there any particular conditions you would like addressed, for example, headaches, depression, migraine, digestive disorders, lymphatic disorders, etc ), I will go over those particular areas again. Finally, I will give you a short foot massage. At the end of the treatment, if appropriate, I may show you some hand techniques so that you can help ease your particular disorder yourself. Hopefully, at the end of the treatment you should feel utterly stress-free, energised and able to cope with your life.

Reflexology is a gentle therapy and is usually only beneficial, but very occasionally there may be a healing reaction. A client may complain of headaches, frequent urination, fatigue or some worsening of symptoms they already have. These symptoms are the body's way of healing - getting worse before getting better. They should go within 24 hours and leave the client feeling better than before the treatment. If you are concerned, please don't hesitate to contact me.